The Holidays are Almost Here!

Cold weather, snow, hot cocoa, candy canes, and curling up in a blanket. Tis the signs of winter! And what does that mean? Christmas! New Year! And all of the other great holidays are going to be here soon!


So this means that gift ideas and project ideas for the holidays are going to be running through the minds of all. I am here to give you a few more ideas!



For those welders out there!

Lincoln Electric Ready-Pak

This time of year, the talents of welders are needed! From snow blades to tire chains, welders are very busy this time of year. Why not help them out and get them some new gear this holiday season? Lincoln Electric has some great Welding Ready-Pak’s that are packed full of the necessities of a welder! Comes with everything shown here! Just click the image for more information!



And for those welders out there that are just looking for ideas to spruce up their home or spruce, click on the image and check out these ideas that may spark up your interest.

Think of us this holiday season and get all of your welding supplies with us! Find a better price and we will try to match it or beat it! Just contact us and we will see what we can do!

More Ideas

Don’t think that all we supply and appeal to is welders! We can find ideas for many! And remember, tis the season for giving. Just remember, it isn’t all about the physical items that you get someone. It’s the thought that counts!

Check out this Pinterest board for some great ideas for the crafty people that you know.

Any others?

Let us know if you have any ideas to offer this holiday season! Also, how do you plan to spend the holidays? I will be spending as much time as I can with my family.

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