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New from Noga! – DG6160 w/Double Fine Adjustment


New Fine adjustment on Top with universal swivel clamp and Unique single direction Fine adjustment at base.


  • Fast and easy to set up gauges into required position.
  • Five axis holder.
  • New double fine adjustment.
    – Top: universal swivel clamp
    – Bottom: unique single direction
  • Unique central looking mechanism with Noga designed spring loaded bearing.
  • Instantly fastens in any position.
  • Powerful ON/OFF magnetic base 80 kg (176 lbs.).
  • Black finished arms.

For More Information:

Please visit our website for more information. If the link does not work, please copy and paste the following url into your browser: https://www.huronindustrial.com/Noga-DG6160-FAT-FAB-Universal-Mag-Base.

Lincoln Electric Perfect Clarity VIKING-2 Series Welding Helmets

The next generation of VIKING™ Auto-Darkening Welding helmets offers the best optical clarity available in the welding industry today. The auto-darkening cartridges in the VIKING-2 series offer a perfect EN 379-1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating. Backed by a new full three-year warranty, these helmets also feature a redesigned headgear, designed for optimal fit and all day comfort.

Lincoln Electric K3100-2 Motorhead Welding HelmetThe new improved optics, headgear and three year warranty are standard on the new VIKING 3350, 2450, 2450D and 1840 Series helmets. With a wide variety of graphic options available for each helmet line, these upgraded helmets have something to offer all welders!

Check out this video from Lincoln Electric via Youtube!


  • The largest viewing area on the market today.
  • For the customers who refuses to compromise.
  • Superior comfort.
  • Continuously Variable 6-13 Shade with Internal Control.
  • Continuously Variable sensitivity and Delay.
  • Grind Mode.
  • Magnifying ‘Cheater’ Lens Capability.
  • 4 arc sensors.
  • Solar cells with a replaceable lithium battery.
  • 3.74 x 3.34 in. (95 x 85mm) view size.
  • Hard Hat Adapter Capable.

For More Information:

Please visit our website at https://www.huronindustrial.com/Lincoln-Electric-Viking-2-Motorhead-Welding-Helmet for more information! Other graphics and series are available! Let us know what you think in the comments below, all opinions welcome!