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FREE Hougen Cutter Kit!

Who doesn’t like FREE Things? For a limited time you can receive a Free cutter kit with every purchase of a Hougen Mag. Drill! See below for details.


Choose one:

  • 12002 Rotabroach® Kit 2″ DOC
  • 12004 Rotabroach® Kit 2″ DOC
  • 17700 RotaLoc™ Kit
  • 17701 RotaLoc™ Kit
  • 17704 RotaLoc™ Kit
  • 17800 RotaLoc Plus™ Kit
  • 17801 RotaLoc Plus™ Kit
  • 17804 RotaLoc Plus™ Kit

For more information about each kit, please see our website.

How To Receive Your FREE Kit:

Download & Print the Mail-In Rebate Form at: www.hougen.com/freekit
– Drills must be purchased between March 1 – April 30, 2014. Proof of purchase required.
– Valid for all US customers.
– Must be submitted by May 31, 2014

Click here to view our section of Hougen Mag. Drills.

How To Get More Life From Your Cutters

Are your hole cutters, annular cutters, and other cutters wearing out too fast? This is a very common concern and problem among those who use cutters on a regular basis. Everyone wants to have long life out of their cutters. Longer life means more cutting, which means more work done, which means more profit. Also, the longer the life, the less you will have to purchase new cutters for the job!

Helpful Tips

Hougen Mfg. has been very kind to give out some tips to keep your cutters, magnetic drills, and such running smooth and having a longer life. Many may seem trivial, but don’t underestimate the small trivial things as they can have a very large impact!

  • #1 cause of broken or prematurely dull cutters is too slow of a feed rate. Slower feed rates will not add life to your cutter but actually reduce the cutter’s life. Use firm steady feed pressure throughout the cut.
  • Always make sure to clear chips from your cutter before starting the next hole.
  • Make sure support system for drill arbor is in place and not worn out. If using on a drill press, a support system must be used.
  • For harder materials, use the appropriate cutter material. Like premium cutters and carbide tipped or solid carbide cutters! Hougen has a very nice line of Premium Cutters and Copperhead™ Carbide Tipped Cutters.
  • Make sure mag drill is on a clean work piece and securely attached. Uneven or large build up of debris can cause drill slippage. Material must be at least 3/8″ thick. Painted material can also be troublesome if paint buildup does not allow magnet to hold securely.
  • When slug ejection becomes unreliable or tool resists cutting, resharpen or replace your cutter. For Hougen drills, you can have them sent in or purchase a sharpening machine so you can sharpen them right at home or the shop! Talk about saving money!
  • Always use coolant when drilling. For best results with Hougen cutters, use Hougen’s Slick-Stik™ or RotaMagic™ cutting lubricant.
  • For best performance always maintain your drill as instructed in your operator’s manual.
  • And as always, always observe standard and specific safety instructions.

When it eventually is time to purchase a new set of cutters, check out Hougen’s cutters as they are of very high quality. They have excellent customer support if you are in need of answers or help. If you would like more information on Hougen cutters, please visit a previous blog post on “Hougen® Rotabroach® Annular Cutters – Simply The Best!”. Contact us at 1-800-800-4967 or visit our site www.huronindustrial.com for even more information or to order.

Useful Links:

More Tips?

Experience is the best teacher for learning the tips and tricks of trades. If anyone else has tips on how to get more out of your cutters, extend the life of your machines and cutters, or general tips, leave them below!

For any comments or questions, please comment below or contact us at 1-800-800-4967, or email us at sales@huronindustrial.com

* HSS is short for High Speed Steel

HOUGEN HMD904 115V Portable Magnetic Drill W/Coolant Bottle & Swivel Base

The drill of choice for fabrication. Lightweight, compact, powerful, & versatile.

HMD904 In Action

– Large 1-1/2″ x 2″ Capacity.
– Positive slug ejection.
– More durable and powerful magnet.
– Many accessories are available for a portable machine shop including: drill chucks, tapping, countersink, and more…
– Feed handles quickly change from side to side.
– Lift detector safety system.
– Gravity fed coolant system.
– Carrying case included.
– One year manufacturers warranty.


– Precisely line up your pilot with the holes center location.
– One stroke lock and unlock handle.
– Great for horizontal, overhead, tight areas, and getting out over another piece of steel.

Note: This item includes the HMD904 Drill, Swivel Base and Collant Bottle. It does not include the cutter kit.

Made in USA

– Electrical System: 115V, 50/60 Hz – 9A, 1035W
– Motor: 8A (115V) 450 RPM
– Diameter: 7/16″ – 1-1/2″ (12mm – 38mm)
– Depth: 2″ (50mm)
– Cutter/Mount: Rotabroach, Copperhead and Fusion cutters, 3/4″ (19mm) shank.
– Twist Drill Capacity: 1/2″ w/drill chuck.
– Tapping Capacity: 1/2″ w/tapping unit.
– Dimensions: 16-38″ H x 7-3/16″ W x 8-1/4″ L (416mm H x 183mm W x 210mm L)
– Magnet Base: 3-1/8″ W x 6-9/16″ L (28.5mm W x 34.9mm L)
– Swivel Magnet 1″ Plate (25mm):
Dead Lift: 1340 lb. (608 kg)
Drillpoint Breakaway:
Forward – 695 lb. (315 kg)
Back – 835 lb. (379 kg)
– Swivel Magnet 3/8″ Plate (9.5mm):
Dead Lift: 1015 lb. (460 kg)
Drillpoint Breakaway:
Forward – 503 lb. (228 kg)
Back – 605 lb. (274 kg)
– Item Weight: 30.5lb (13.8 kg)

To order yours or for more information, check out our site at http://www.huronindustrial.com/HOUGEN-HMD904-115V-Portable-Magnetic-Drill-w-Coolant-Bottle-Swivel-Base or contact us at 1-800-800-4967 today!