September 11th – A Moment Of Silence

Good Morning Everyone,

I just wanted to come on here and make a request of all of you. Please take a moment of silence for those who were killed on 9/11/01. This tragedy was 12 years ago but is still fresh in our minds. It has made us stronger and more united.

Again, I ask you to please take a moment of silence. It doesn’t have to be long. Even just 5 seconds of your time. This moment of silence is to respect and honor those who fell, and to those who went and saved as many people as they could from the rubble. It is to respect and honor those who provided a shoulder to cry on and encouraging words. Everyone was affected by this tragedy. This tragedy showed us that we are strong and can unite even in the darkest moments. We will never forget what happened that day. We will forever stand Strong and United!


So please do this for all those affected by what happened that day. I remember when it happened, I was at the dentist office and there was not a single person there that spoke. All of our eyes were glued to the TV and our thoughts running wild.

Comment below and let us know what you were doing when this tragedy struck, or what you have done to honor those who were so deeply affected.

Current Sale Update

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I just wanted to come in here and remind you to keep checking our Current Sale section of our site! It has been updated with some new products that have been put on sale!

We love to give you the best price we can! Also, we really do take into consideration what you would like to see on sale! Not many businesses will do that. Our motto is Customer Sale Before AND After the Sale and we hold to it!

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Hougen® Rotabroach® Annular Cutters – Simply The Best!

Now of course, that is a bold statement to be made by Hougen! They back it up with a lot of information. Keep reading to find out why they think they can make such a statement and decide for your self if you believe it!

Simply the best! – About these Rotabroach Cutters

Rotabroach® cutters were the original annular cutters invented over 35 years ago. With the most features of any annular cutter, Rotabroach cutters provide the best performance in the largest variety of materials. Compared to traditional tooling (twist drills, etc.) Rotabroach cutters can multiply your cutting speed by up to 3 times. And you get longer tool life, a more accurate hole, a better finish, with no burrs, Rotabroach cutters maximize feed rates because up to 10 cutting edges distribute the cutting load evenly. Rotabroach cutters convert a smaller area to chips, requiring less horsepower and thrust. The Hougen-Edge® feature is a patented tooth geometry that provides long tool life, less chatter, and extended resharpenability. The slug also offers a higher scrap value than loose chips. See below for comparison to a conventional drill bit.


Two Flats for Cutter Mounting:

This system is very rigid, and offers up to 2x the tool life as compared to quick change tool mounting on competitive products.

O.D. Margin:

Only a thin area of material touches the outside of the hole which provides for less friction and a better hole finish.

Patented Hougen-Edge® Geometry:

Provides faster, smoother cuts, with less chatter.

I.D. Taper:

Relief area between slug and cutter. Reduces horsepower and improves slug ejection.

Ground & Fully Fluted:

Provides better chip evacuation, requires less h.P. & offers better performance in deeper holes.

This sounds really good! But, what about if you were to try cutting through more than one layer of metal? You would have to stop and take out the slug before proceeding to the next layer right?  Hougen came up with a answer for that too!

Stack-Cut Geometry

Rotabroach® Annular Cutters with a Stack-Cut tooth geometry must be used whenever two or more plates are being drilled simultaneously. When drilling multiple pieces with traditional cutters, after the first piece is drilled, you need to stop and remove the slug before continuing on thru the second piece. Not a problem with stack cutters. Drill straight thru without stopping.


Many sizes of “12,000-Series” cutters are available from stock with stack cut geometry. All sizes are available by special request with stack-cut geometry.

Stack-Cut and Flat Bottom Grooving Tooth Geometry is available on the following Series of Cutters:
– “12,000-Series”
– “42/43,000-Series”
– “22/23,000-Series”
– RotaLoc Plus™

NOTE: Stack-Cut geometry is a standard feature of RotaLoc™ Cutters.

I don’t know about you all, but I think Hougen is really on to something! Oh and an added bonus, everything Hougen makes, is made in U.S.A!!

Check out our Hougen Rotabroach section –> Click here

As always, our products are being updated continuously. Not all of them have been edited and we are working hard to get them edited. If you have a certain one that you are looking at that you would like information on, please contact us via phone, email, or live chat and we will get you the information you need A.S.A.P!

Hello Fellow Bloggers

Good Morning fellow bloggers!

It’s been a while since I was last on here to blog. How is everyone?

I get to start college back up tomorrow. Yippy!!! (can you hear the sarcasm in that text??)

Anyway, enough of my problems. Comment back and let us know how you are doing, or if you have anything funny or interesting to tell us (We always like jokes 😉 ).

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Current Sale!

Good Morning Everyone!

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Lincoln Electric VIKING Black 3350 Series Welding Helmet

Check out Lincoln Electrics Black VIKING 3350 Series Welding Helmet! (Click the picture to be directed to the product for ordering!)


Select a 3350 Series helmet to gain protected internal shade control, a generous view size and a standard size cartridge.

– Large U.S. 5.25 x 4.5 in. (133 x 114mm) Cartridge Size.
– Continuously Variable 6-13 Shade with Internal Control.
– Continuously Variable sensitivity and Delay.
– Grind Mode.
– Magnifying ‘Cheater’ Lens Capability.
– 4 arc sensors.
– Solar cells with a replaceable lithium battery.
– 3.74 x 3.34 in. (95 x 85mm) view size.
– Hard Hat Adapter Capable.

We have other Lincoln Welding helmets as well! Check them out or contact us! (See below for a few among many other helmets we carry

lincolnK3074-1 K3036-1 K3027-1

Industrial Grade VS. Commercial Grade

I’ve been asked why for example, our Milwaukee Model #2604-22 M18 Heavy Duty FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver Kit Industrial Grade, is more expensive than other places for “The same thing”.

Well, they aren’t exactly the same thing. They may look the same, but what we sell is actually a Higher Quality Industrial Grade tool. These tools last longer and perform better than the commercial grade tools you see in local stores. Again, they look the same but are not. The Model Numbers are even different!

I had always wondered why some places had “the same thing” for a much higher price. I was told about someone who came into our store and asked that question and even after we told them the difference and that our products that we sell are industrial grade and are of higher quality than the commercial grade, he still went for the commercial grade from another store. About 2 or 3 weeks later, he came back in and told us that the one he bought was the commercial grade and that it broke very quickly. He ordered parts to fix it, but when he opened it up, he found out that he was unable to fix it because of how the commercial models are built. The manufacturer suggested that he send it into them to get it repaired but wanted around $100 to do so.

He ended up purchasing an industrial grade tool from us, (“The same thing”) and has never had a problem with it. He told us that he pushes that tool much harder than the commercial grade one and it out performs by miles. The man decided to open up the tool as well to see the inside, just in case he had to fix it in time, and said it was completely different than the commercial grade. He could actually get to each individual piece. None of the pieces were encapsulated together where he would have to have special tools to open it or just send it in at the manufacturers mercy of a repair price. The man told us he should have just spent the extra money in the first place and bought the industrial grade tool. He would have saved a lot of time, stress, and money.

This is just one of the many stories that we have heard and been a part of. If you are unsure about an item, would like some more information, need help deciding what is better for your needs, or are just researching, please contact us! We would rather you spend a little time contacting us and save yourself a lot of time, stress, and money in the long run than spending an arm and a leg while getting frustrated.

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Video of Brazing With Nitrogen by Uniweld

Hello everyone!

Found this great video from Uniweld Tech Tips on Youtube! Check it out!

Let us know what you think!

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Tool Tips

Good morning everyone.

Does anyone have any good tool tips or good advise that you have discovered over the course of your life? Tips from experience are often the best tips out there! Comment on this blog and let us know!

Tip of the day: It’s best to keep your equipment clean! Cleaned equipment will last much longer and will save you money in the long run!