Hougen® Rotabroach® Annular Cutters – Simply The Best!

Now of course, that is a bold statement to be made by Hougen! They back it up with a lot of information. Keep reading to find out why they think they can make such a statement and decide for your self if you believe it!

Simply the best! – About these Rotabroach Cutters

Rotabroach® cutters were the original annular cutters invented over 35 years ago. With the most features of any annular cutter, Rotabroach cutters provide the best performance in the largest variety of materials. Compared to traditional tooling (twist drills, etc.) Rotabroach cutters can multiply your cutting speed by up to 3 times. And you get longer tool life, a more accurate hole, a better finish, with no burrs, Rotabroach cutters maximize feed rates because up to 10 cutting edges distribute the cutting load evenly. Rotabroach cutters convert a smaller area to chips, requiring less horsepower and thrust. The Hougen-Edge® feature is a patented tooth geometry that provides long tool life, less chatter, and extended resharpenability. The slug also offers a higher scrap value than loose chips. See below for comparison to a conventional drill bit.


Two Flats for Cutter Mounting:

This system is very rigid, and offers up to 2x the tool life as compared to quick change tool mounting on competitive products.

O.D. Margin:

Only a thin area of material touches the outside of the hole which provides for less friction and a better hole finish.

Patented Hougen-Edge® Geometry:

Provides faster, smoother cuts, with less chatter.

I.D. Taper:

Relief area between slug and cutter. Reduces horsepower and improves slug ejection.

Ground & Fully Fluted:

Provides better chip evacuation, requires less h.P. & offers better performance in deeper holes.

This sounds really good! But, what about if you were to try cutting through more than one layer of metal? You would have to stop and take out the slug before proceeding to the next layer right?  Hougen came up with a answer for that too!

Stack-Cut Geometry

Rotabroach® Annular Cutters with a Stack-Cut tooth geometry must be used whenever two or more plates are being drilled simultaneously. When drilling multiple pieces with traditional cutters, after the first piece is drilled, you need to stop and remove the slug before continuing on thru the second piece. Not a problem with stack cutters. Drill straight thru without stopping.


Many sizes of “12,000-Series” cutters are available from stock with stack cut geometry. All sizes are available by special request with stack-cut geometry.

Stack-Cut and Flat Bottom Grooving Tooth Geometry is available on the following Series of Cutters:
– “12,000-Series”
– “42/43,000-Series”
– “22/23,000-Series”
– RotaLoc Plus™

NOTE: Stack-Cut geometry is a standard feature of RotaLoc™ Cutters.

I don’t know about you all, but I think Hougen is really on to something! Oh and an added bonus, everything Hougen makes, is made in U.S.A!!

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