Hougen® High Speed Steel & Carbide Holcutters™ for Sheet Metal & Thin Materials

Hougen® Has Done It Again With Their Amazing Products!

14000 series hougen holcutter in actionTheir Carbide and HSS Holcutters™ are superior! The HSS Holcutters™ last 10x longer and cut 3x faster than bi-metal! The Carbide Holcutters cut smooth, fast, burr-free holes, and dramatically outlasts bi-metal hole saws and step drills.


High Speed Steel Holcutters™hougen high speed steel holcutter

HSS Holcutters™ last 10x longer and cut 3x faster than bi-metal hole saws or twist drills. All cutters use a single arbor, with a patented Quad-Lead thread mounting system. Can cut materials up to 1/8″ (3.2mm) thick. And as always, these great cutters are Made In USA!

Carbide Holcutters™

Hougen Carbide HolcutterCarbide Holcutters™ cut smooth, fast, burr-free holes in all types of materials, from soft aluminum to tough-to-cut stainless and cast iron. Rugged construction for day in and day out use. Features a shoulder stop to prevent over penetration of the work piece. Ejector Spring helps with slug ejection. Tungsten carbide provides long tool life and smooth cutting action. Dramatically outlasts bi-metal hole saws and step drills. For materials up to 1/8″ (3.2mm) thick. (All cutters include arbor, pilot and spring.) These amazing cutters are of course Made In USA and are the “Contractor’s Choice”!


Check out our selection of Hougen® Holcutters™ and get yours today! Our prices are low and Hougen® quality is high! Contact us for any questions you may have!

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