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Get Geared Up With Lincoln Electric – Ready-Pak Made Just For Women!

Lincoln Electric K3238 Womens Welding Ready-PakLincoln Electric has released a new Welding Ready-Pak just for women! This pack includes everything a female professional fabricator would need.

This ready-pak includes:
– Lincoln Industrial Duffle Bag.
– VIKING Jessi vs. The Robot 3350 Series Auto-Darkening Helmet.
– Jessi Combs Women’s Shadow FR Welding Jacket.
– Jessi Combs MIG/Stick Welding Gloves.
– Jessi Combs Steelworker Gloves.
– Women’s Starlite Clear Safety Glasses.
– FR Doo Rag.

See table below for sizing:

Part Number / Size

Bust Measurement in (cm)

Waist Measurement in (cm)

Jacket Sleeve in (cm)

Jacket Torso in (cm)


32-36 (81-91)

28-32 (71-81)

28 (71)

27 (68)


36-39 (91-99)

32-34 (81-86)

28 (71)

27 (68)


39-41 (99-104)

34-36 (86-91)

29 (74)

27 (68)


41-43 (104-109)

36-38 (91-96)

30 (76)

27 (68)


43-46 (109-117)

38-42 (96-107)

31 (79)

27 (68)

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Uniweld Tech Tip – Backfire & Flashback


Backfire is the momentary retrogression of the flame into the torch that is usually signaled by a popping sound. The flame may either extinguish or re-ignite at the end of the tip. Sustained backfire (flashback) is the retrogression of flame into the torch with continued burning inside the torch. This event can be identified by an initial popping sound followed by a squealing or hissing sound caused by continued burning inside the torch.

What to do if backfire occurs

When this occurs, the torch oxygen valve should be turned off immediately; and then the fuel gas valve.


Flashback is the return of the flame through the torch and into the hose and/or regulator and can potentially cause an explosion at any point in the system. It may also reach the cylinder. This event is caused by oxygen and fuel mixing in one side of the oxy-fuel system and subsequently being ignited at the tip and by reverse flow of one gas into the other side of the system.

What to do if flashback occurs

When this occurs, the torch oxygen valve should be turned off immediately; and then the fuel gas valve.

How to prevent a backfire or flashback

To avoid both Backfires and Flashbacks, be sure to properly match the torch tip size with the metal area being welded.

1. If using acetylene, keep the pressure below 15 pounds.
2. Purge your hoses before lighting the torch.
3. Never light your torch with a mixture of fuel and oxygen. After purging the lines, light the torch with only the fuel gas valve open.
4. Check valves should be installed on both torch inlets and operating properly. Check valves can stop the reverse flow of gases, but will not prevent flashbacks.
5. To prevent flashbacks, flashback arrestors must be installed on the outlets of both regulators, and/or torch inlets.

Check The Torch: How can you tell if the torch you are using has flashback arrestors and check valves? If you look at the torch you will notice a small cylindrical valve on each inlet with the hoses screwed onto this valve instead of hooked directly to the torch. Most of these valves are combination flashback/check valves and will say so on the valve body. Often, combination valves are also installed on regulator outlets.

Before welding, take time to inspect the equipment you will be using to be sure check valves and flashback arrestors have been installed. This precaution can prevent a deadly cylinder explosion.

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