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Lincoln Electric Roll-Cage Welding & Rigging Gloves

Looking for a great pair of gloves that are durable and will last for a long time?

Look no farther! These gloves by Lincoln Electric are all new and are top of the line! If you handle both welding AND rigging on your marine or construction job site, now you can work with ONE pair of gloves instead of two.

Durability & Long Life is great, but what about Safety?

The new patented-design Roll Cage™ Welding Rigging Gloves are dual purpose gloves that offer complete protection for your hands. These Roll Cage gloves are constructed of durable cowhide, sewn with Kevlar thread and enhanced with extreme knuckle protection to withstand tough environments.

1. The longer length cuff guards against the wrist and forearm areas from heat and sparks but still allows for fast removal of gloves.
2. Fire resistant fasten material that allows for a taper wrist cuff.
3. Palm padding reinforces high wear areas of the palm.
4. Finger structure enhances grip and durability.
5. Constructed of top grade fire resistant cow leather.
6. Kevlar® stitching provides maximum strength.
7. Silicon knuckle protection protects fingers and back of the hand from impact and injury.
– Inside Lining Protection: provides protection against cuts.

Great! So they are Safe, Durable, and Long Lasting. What sizes are there and where can I get them?

These gloves are available in sizes medium to 2XL. See the chart below for help with sizing:

Hand Sizing for Men’s Gloves

 Label Size  Hand Size in.  Hand Size cm
 M  8.5  22
 L  9  23
 XL  9.5  24
 2XL  10  25

If you are interested in these fine gloves, give us a call at 1-800-800-4967 or visit our website:

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Comment below if you have any comments on these fantastic gloves!

Green Chrome Oxide Compound Review & Tips

This little guy is one of our best selling items! And as many have stated, a little goes a long way!  It is available from us in two sizes. 6oz, and 20oz. The reviews below are for the 6oz bar. We do not have any reviews for the 20oz bar as of this moment.

6oz. Formax Green Chrome Oxide BarFor the 6oz bar ->
For the 20oz bar ->

I have a few reviews about this compound from some of our customers! All names have been removed to keep all reviews anonymous.

Review 1:

Great addition for straight razor maintenance

5 Star Rating

This is a generous quantity of chromium oxide compound that will last you a LONG time.

– Exactly as advertised

– Temptation to use too much compound because you are getting a lot more than you need

Chromium oxide compound is a great addition to your toolkit for straight razor maintenance. You can apply this to the rough side of your leather strop, or to a separate paddle strop. When stropping the razor on a “pasted” strop, i.e. one which you have coated with the compound, it has a similar action to a very high grit honing stone. I believe that estimates for this compound are around the 40-50 thousand grit range.

Unlike your typical stropping action, which helps to straighten out microscopic deformations of your blade without removing any metal, this paste will gently remove a bit of metal. If you find that your straight razor begins to pull and tug after a few weeks or months (depending on your shaving frequency and the coarseness of your hair), and even a good stropping will not return it to shave-readiness, a LITTLE BIT of stropping on leather pasted with this chromium oxide compound will do the trick. We are talking about 5 to 10 laps here.

A word for beginners, from someone who very recently was one: you will be tempted, as you learn the many skills needed to shave well with the straight razor (stropping, honing, shaving stroke, angle, pressure, beard prep, post-shave, and more) — you will be tempted to think that if a little of something is good, then more of something must be better. Please resist this urge. Overstropping your razor on either your everyday strop or your chromium oxide pasted strop is a quick ticket to a lousy shave. A little goes a long way here.

The same goes for how you apply to the strop itself. I make zigzags up and down the strop ensuring I have good horizontal coverage so that every part of the blade will contact some of the compound. You really need only the lightest of coverings. If you rub it in too much, you will create a coating on top of the leather and the razor will no longer be stropped by the leather but rather will drag across a coating of this microscopically abrasive material — bad news for your razor!

This is a simple but powerful addition to your shaving toolkit at a great price.

Review 2:

Its purdy good.

4 Star Rating

The amount that is there was more than I expected. Having used it once to completely coat my strop and several times for touch ups, I still have almost the complete stick. Highly effective and easy to use.

Review 3:

Fast delivery, Good product

5 Star Rating

I ordered this chrome oxide to use on a leather strop to put a razor edge on my wood carving tools.

The price compared favorably to other similar products, and Huron got me my shipment 3 days faster than Amazon projected. That’s always a nice surprise. From a customer service standpoint, this was definitely a 5 star Amazon order–low price, fast receipt.

The product worked even better than I expected. I crayoned on a decent supply to my leather strop, then worked my way up through the grits as usual, finishing with this product. I was already using a yellow, less fine compound, so I added this step on to the end of my usual sharpening process. The results were outrageous. Using the yellow, I was able to easily get a razor edge on my tools that consistently shaved the hair off my arms and, of course, cut the wood easily and well. Adding this product to the end of my sharpening routine gave me an edge sharper than a razor–not only does it dry shave the hair off my arm in a test, it takes it off easily, with almost no effort, and leaves the hairless area feeling smoother than my face after I shave in the morning. I’m literally talking about being able to get a barber close shave with a bench chisel and no shaving cream. It leaves a blade crazy sharp.

Of course, the real test is cutting wood. I have three points on that subject:

1. The wood cuts easily, with way less effort than I am used to needing, and leaves a glossy ready to finish surface.

2. The edge on my tools seems more durable. It seems to be taking longer before my tools need touching up. This actually makes sense, but I hadn’t realized it would happen. But If I was sharpening to say a 9 out of 10 before, and touching up when the edge dulled to 7, sharpening to 10 of 10 means that it takes longer to get back down to 7. This was a nice fringe benefit. So is the fact that cutting at 10 of 10 on a sharpness scale is so fun that I now touch up at 9, meaning my finished product has a better finish.

3. Touching up is easier and takes less time. Using the yellow compound, I frequently found myself going all the way back to a 4000 grit to retouch, and having it take maybe 5 or 6 minutes to go 4000, 8000, yellow compound on the strop. using this product, I have been touching up at where the yellow compound finishes the sharpening process, so touch up takes only a minute on the strop.

This is a terrific product. Five stars, easy. If I could give six stars for the combination of excellent product and excellent service, I would.

Final thoughts

Now you are probably saying, “You only showed the high ratings! What about the lower ratings?” Well there actually are none. We have not yet received any bad comments about this amazing compound. If you have any experience with this compound and would like to rate it, please leave your comments and ratings below!