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Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® Welders – Which One is Right for Me?

Which welder is right for me?

I have heard this question many times, and the answer depends on what you are going to use it for! (For more information on each of these, click on the desired POWER MIG® welder. You will be redirected in a new tab to our website for loads of information).

If you want to go for portability, consider one of these below.

POWER MIG® 140C & 180C


Select the POWER MIG® 140C for home projects and repair, sheet metal or autobody work. Step up to the 230 volt POWER MIG® 180C for farm, shop and light fabrication.POWER MIG 180C

POWER MIG® 180 Dual

POWER MIG 180 DualHave it both ways with the POWER MIG® 180 Dual wire welder. With the dual 120 or 208/230 volt input power capability, you can use the same machine to weld at home, in the shop or out on the job site. It’s a great choice for sheet metal and light frame autobody work, farm or small shop applications.

Video of 140C, 180C and 180 Dual:

Here is a video from Lincoln Electric, talking about the POWER MIG® 140C, 180C, and 180 Dual ->     (Title of video: Portable POWER MIG® Family)

If you want to step it up a bit but keep it mobile, consider one of these below.


POWER MIG 216The POWER MIG® 216 offers the autobody and sheet metal fabrication industries top welding performance with a host of professional features.


POWER MIG 256The POWER MIG® 256 sets the standard for MIG and flux-cored welding in light industrial job shop fabrication, maintenance or repair work.


POWER MIG 350MPWhen you want more than just a MIG machine, the POWER MIG® 350MP is the choice for you. Lincoln Electric’s Chopper Technology® delivers more welding processes: Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-cored, and advanced processes such as Power Mode® and Pulse-On-Pulse®.




Video of 216, 256 and 350MP:

Here is another video by Lincoln Electric that talks about the POWER MIG® 216, 256 and 350MP -> (Title of video: Mobile POWER MIG® Family)

More Information –

For a list of all of our Lincoln Electric welding machines we have to offer (only shows ones that are edited with much information) Please follow this link ->

If you have any questions or are interested in more information about something else, please comment below or contact us.

Have you used one of these? Let us know what you think! Comment below and tell us you favorites, pro’s, con’s, and anything else you want to!

September 11th – A Moment Of Silence

Good Morning Everyone,

I just wanted to come on here and make a request of all of you. Please take a moment of silence for those who were killed on 9/11/01. This tragedy was 12 years ago but is still fresh in our minds. It has made us stronger and more united.

Again, I ask you to please take a moment of silence. It doesn’t have to be long. Even just 5 seconds of your time. This moment of silence is to respect and honor those who fell, and to those who went and saved as many people as they could from the rubble. It is to respect and honor those who provided a shoulder to cry on and encouraging words. Everyone was affected by this tragedy. This tragedy showed us that we are strong and can unite even in the darkest moments. We will never forget what happened that day. We will forever stand Strong and United!


So please do this for all those affected by what happened that day. I remember when it happened, I was at the dentist office and there was not a single person there that spoke. All of our eyes were glued to the TV and our thoughts running wild.

Comment below and let us know what you were doing when this tragedy struck, or what you have done to honor those who were so deeply affected.

Current Sale Update

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I just wanted to come in here and remind you to keep checking our Current Sale section of our site! It has been updated with some new products that have been put on sale!

We love to give you the best price we can! Also, we really do take into consideration what you would like to see on sale! Not many businesses will do that. Our motto is Customer Sale Before AND After the Sale and we hold to it!

Bring in those requests, let us know how we are doing, or just come in and chat with us! We always want to hear from you!

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